Lake Residents Roster

Our Kapikog Lake Roster was last circulated in 2018.  As it is updated bi-annually it is time for your input.  Please e-mail Sandra Jones – only if there are any changes to your contact information since 2016.
A PDF of the new 2018 Kapikog Lake Roster will be e-mailed to you early June.  A few printed copies of the roster will be available only for those who are listed in the directory but but do not have an e-mail to receive a PDF copy.
Please pass along this information to any new cottagers that you know of so they can be included in the 2018 directory.
Your name – cottage address – phone numbers – e-mails are listed in the roster.   Please make it clear in your e-mail to Sandra Jones which is which.
Keeping in mind our government’s privacy rulings… this list is for personal use only.   Please contact each other for BBQ invitations (fun stuff) or use I.C.E. (which we sure hope is never required).