Lot Safety

Cottage Watch Release Form

The Association provides this service to members at no cost. It is performed by volunteer members and involves periodic off-season, primarily wintertime, visits to cottages for the purpose of reporting any apparent damage or safety issues to the owner.

Incident Report – Report Form

A report form provided by the Township for convenient, official reporting of incidents related to such matters as unruly/unsafe behaviour, property damage, trespassing, parking/mooring, pollution and other environmental damage. The Council undertakes to review all reports. Form is available here for printing and recording the required information.

911 Numbers (Addresses)

These signs, installed by the Township, are required as part of our 911 service and complement GPS for location of your property in an emergency. They can become obscured by vegetation or drifted snow or displacement. For your personal safety, these should be checked periodically to ensure full visibility.